Water Clarification

As an unrivaled water clarification flocculant, CarboNet SimpleFloc™ can be used to clarify freshwater to meet your needed standards.

An Unconventional Approach to Water Treatment

Reach KPIs

Treat more types of water and conditions than traditional treatments are able to (and do it better). Compared to using DADMAC alone, CarboNet SimpleFloc™ saves an average of 55%* on chemical costs.

Simplify Your Process

While typical coagulants and flocculants require an expensive makedown system, CarboNet SimpleFloc™ does not. Keep your processes moving with a ready-to-use solution.

Rely on the Best

Produce more clarified water with a simpler treatment at a lower price. Achieve better settling even in lower turbidities to improve your floc-and-drop process.

*Based on testing of five freshwater sources where polyDADMAC could only treat two and CarboNet SimpleFloc™ could treat all five. The estimated savings found in the two overlapping testing sites ranged from 20-55%.

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Freshwater Clarification

Optimize your pretreatment process with CarboNet SimpleFloc™ to clarify freshwater no matter where it comes from or what your KPIs are. Remove silica, clay, iron, and other particles reliably no matter if your freshwater experiences seasonal turbidity variation.

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ion Exchange
  • Process Water
  • Cooling Towers
  • Boiler Feedwater


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New CarboNet SimpleFloc™ is now available in Cationic formulations.