Produced Water

As the premier flocculant of the Permian Basin, you can’t go wrong treating produced water with CarboNet SimpleFloc™.

Separating Oil from Water is Our Bread & Butter

Meet Regulations

Produced water treated with CarboNet SimpleFloc™ consistently measures better than the strictest KPIs allowing you to operate without change, even when the regulations do.

Boost Volumes

Reduce freshwater consumption and sludge generation by reusing more produced water treated with CarboNet SimpleFloc™. The best solutions are always simple.

Reduce Costs

As a no makedown flocculant, using CarboNet SimpleFloc™ means reduced labor costs, disposal costs, and additional equipment costs needed from other flocculants.

A Simpler, More Effective Approach

CarboNet SimpleFloc™ outcompetes traditional flocculants for several reasons:

  • Made with novel technology
  • Targets and controls contaminants
  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Boosts PAM efficacy