Tackle the world’s greatest water challenges while working with fun-loving, ambitious colleagues.


If you are looking for a rewarding career tackling some of the world’s greatest water challenges AND you want to work with fun-loving and ambitious colleagues, send us your CV to

Our Values

We strive to fulfill the world’s chemical needs without creating a negative impact on our environment or the planet’s resources. Here’s how we’re doing it.

Unconventional Thinking

As a contemporary company, our biggest differentiator is bringing a fresh way of looking at things. Unconventional thinking leads to science and modern solutions that solve modern problems


We’re a diverse team committed to common goals, including those of our extended team of clients. We are here to work alongside our clients, collaborating both on-site and in the labs.


We have a deep respect for the way the world works and know that solutions to the world’s problems lie in unlocking new ideas based on sound science.

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New CarboNet SimpleFloc™ is now available in Cationic formulations.