About Us

Accelerating the World’s Transition to Recycled Water

Radical and unabashedly transformative, CarboNet will change the way you think about industrial wastewater treatment.

Who We Are

CarboNet is a specialty chemicals company that works with the world’s leading industrial brands to clean and recycle their wastewater. Using unconventional chemistry, we move industries — and our planet — towards a cleaner, brighter future.

Based in Vancouver, Canada with strong roots in Texas, we’re determined to preserve and protect the freshwater resources around the world.

Water treatment? Chemical manufacturing? Technology? The industry we “belong” to may change depending on who you talk to. But one thing stays the same: We work hard, think unconventionally, and are on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to recycled water.

Meet the Team

Our Story

At the time CarboNet™ was founded, water treatment chemicals had seen little innovation in over 50 years. The dispersants used to remediate the likes of oil slicks typically did more harm to ecosystems and the environment than good. Therein lay both a problem and an opportunity too big to ignore. 

First came CarboNet’s inventor, Mike Carlson, whose unconventional chemistry has led to the creation of water treatments that are a quantum leap in both efficacy and safety over their industry-standard counterparts. The resulting innovation, the NanoNet™ platform, has become the technical backbone of CarboNet™. Based on nanotechnology, the NanoNet platform is used to develop formulas that are able to remove contaminants from water like never before. 

Today, CarboNet™ collaborates with companies across industries – from oil & gas, to mining and agriculture – to effectively clean and treat water while solving industry-specific challenges. It’s these quantifiable impacts and resulting resource conservation observed by our customers that inspire us everyday.  

We believe CarboNet™ has the potential to change the world as we continue to radically transform how chemicals are developed, used, and impact our planet.

Our Values

Impact – Best Chemistry

As a contemporary company, our biggest differentiator is having a fresh perspective. We use unconventional thinking and science to create modern solutions for modern problems.

Collaboration – Best Team

We’re a diverse team committed to common goals, including those of our extended team of clients. We work alongside our clients, collaborating both on-site and in the labs.

Performance – Best Customer Experience

We have a deep respect for the way the world works and know that solutions to the world’s problems lie in unlocking new ideas based on sound science.

Global Impact

Water is our passion, but making a net positive impact on our communities, our customers, and the planet is the ultimate goal. We strive to make a difference no matter if it’s in preserving our water resources or giving back to create a more equitable society.


Our main focus across all the work that we do is to promote sustainable water practices.


We do good and create lasting change in the spaces that we occupy in work and in our own personal lives.

Employee Commitment

Employees are provided foundational, key elements for work/life balance to be both happy and healthy.