How do you treat water?

CarboNet™ is in the business of helping forward-thinking oil and gas operators and midstream water treatment companies treat produced water for reuse in innovative ways that promote sustainability, reliability and efficiency.

Recycling produced water for future frac jobs helps lower much of the risk, cost and complexity of disposal. But the process creates some new challenges.

One major challenge is how to effectively remove the myriad constituents that can cause major process problems when the recycled water is introduced back downhole. The most vexing culprits include:

Suspended oil droplets not removed from the produced water stream represent lost production revenue for the operation.
If iron in solution (Fe2+) comes into contact with oxygen, it is oxidized to form insoluble iron compounds that can build up to clog piping and the reservoir downhole.
So-called hard water containing higher concentrations of calcium, barium and strontium may generate insoluble mineral scales.
Some bacterial strains that feed off the iron can form a brown slimy residue that further impedes production flow and may increase underdeposit corrosion risks

Conventional treatment approaches vary, but typically entail:

Whether it occurs naturally or through operations-initiated processes, oxidation of iron can have negative impacts throughout the fluid lifecycle. Oxidized iron solids can:
  • Act as competitive absorption sites for surface-active treatment chemicals and frac fluid additives, thus driving up treatment dosage and costs.
  • Stimulate growth of certain nutrients for bacteria, reducing the effectiveness of the biocide and increasing biocide costs.
  • Form a solid residue that can deposit on pipe walls and restrict production rates.
The conventional process of using an oxidizing biocide to treat bacteria presents several challenges:
  • Collateral oxidation processes can wreak havoc with fluid pH, scaling tendencies, bacteria management, and other essential oilfield processes.
  • Powerful oxidants can be corrosive in nature and raise toxicity and flammability risks.

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produced water for reuse.

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