Live Demonstrations in the Heart of Permian.

Want to try out NanoNet Fe™ concentrate on your own field water?

CarboNet™ water treatment offers live trials of the NanoNet Fe™ concentrate in action at our Big Spring, Texas technology center. Using your own produced water, our small-scale floatation system showcases the effectiveness of our technology, right in front of you and treating to your desired specs.

We can also customize the NanoNet Fe™ chemicals and methods to match your current treatment processes—reaction tanks, filters, biocides, and other components. At the end of the trial, you will have a more complete sense of how NanoNet Fe™ products and methods will perform on your location and how much money you stand to save.

The premiere Carbonet™ water treatment product from the NanoNet Fe™ platform is NanoNet Fe™ concentrate. The concentrate is a cost-effective and safe solution for the treatment of produced water for reuse.

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