A breakthrough chemical platform solving water treatment at scale

The NanoNet Chemical Platform

The proprietary NanoNet chemical platform allows for a dramatic reduction in time between ideation and commercialization.

Rapid Prototyping

A library of proprietary “NanoNets” are screened to identify which fit the correct chemical structure needed to target contaminants of interest.

Powerful Formulations

Selected NanoNets move into the optimization process where further development of how a NanoNet controls contaminants is done to create final products.

Amplified Treatments

Final products are built for specific processes and needs whether it’s filtration, solid-liquid separation, non-fouling in filters, or being a certain size to slip through a pore.

What is a NanoNet?

NanoNets are self-assembled, colloidal nanoparticles used to formulate water treatment chemicals for industry-level challenges. They are made of 2 main components:

  • A targeting component (surfactant)
  • A scaffolding component (polymer)


CarboNet SimpleFloc™

CarboNet SimpleFloc™ replaces standard flocculants while being more cost-effective and without the need for makedown or mixing.


Water Clarification

Optimize your clarification and pretreatment process consistently using NanoNet-based products no matter if your freshwater experiences seasonal turbidity variation.

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Produced Water

Whether oil removal or sludge dewatering, NanoNet-based products have proven highly effective in treating produced water allowing users to reach KPIs and lower disposal costs.

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Products made with NanoNets have helped treat various wastewaters including those with brine, oil, and hydrophobic solids, and allowed operators to reach KPIs effortlessly.

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New CarboNet SimpleFloc™ is now available in Cationic formulations.