Radical approach. Radical results.

A product suite of water treatments built on the backbone of the innovative NanoNet chemical platform.

Products Made with the NanoNet Chemical Platform

The breakthrough NanoNet chemical platform is making a quantum leap in water treatment. Utilizing drug delivery methodology, a suite of powerful products have been designed to solve water treatment at scale.

CarboNet SimpleFloc™

CarboNet SimpleFloc™ targets and controls water contaminants to create stronger flocs than any conventional chemical. Designed with efficiency and economics in mind, these flocculants help reduce overall chemical chemical consumption and treatment costs while improving KPIs.


CarboNet coagulants optimize the efficiency of the entire water treatment process. It can be used as a flocculant booster or coagulant to minimize overall chemical costs, reduce sludge, and solve a host of other water reuse challenges.

Our Industries

No matter if you’re treating wastewater, produced water, or process water, products developed with the NanoNet chemical platform will yield first-class results and boost the volume of water you recycle.