We focused on the little things.

Our premiere Carbonet™ water treatment chemical is NanoNet Fe™ concentrate. It is the first chemical in the NanoNet Fe™ product line. NanoNet Fe™ concentrate is designed to remove key constituents common to Permian and Eagle Ford basin waters.

NanoNet Fe™ concentrate delivers continued performance, even under upset conditions such as unexpected spikes in H2S content, iodine, iron and oil slugs.

Carbonet NanoNet Fe

Small change – Big result.

NanoNet Fe™ concentrate can be easily added to your process. Doing so results in savings on both chemical costs and processing times.


No process change Cost-Effective Stable floc


Easy to administer

NanoNet Fe™ concentrate is delivered as a complete solution on site and does not require specialized mixing equipment. The chemical is dosed via a standard chemical injection port. The solution can be “dropped in” a variety of industry standard water treatment processes and flow designs. NanoNet Fe™ concentrate is field-deployed in as little as 4 hours, and the payback starts on Day 1.


Cost Effective

NanoNet Fe™ concentrate is more cost-effective than a typical pre-treatment process involving oxidants, flocculants and coagulants. It eliminates the need for flocculants and coagulants and offsets demand for biocides, all at a fraction of the cost of conventional approaches to clean brine solutions.


Easy Sludge Management

Using NanoNet Fe™ concentrate in water treament processes results in a floc that is stable, light and easily removed via skimming. The resulting waste includes both the targeted constituents and all of the NanoNet™ water treatment solution. For further savings, the extracted floc can be easily dried for condensed transport and disposal as a solid waste into standard landfills.

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