We focused on the little things.

Our flagship product, NanoNet Fe™, is a water treatment solution designed to remove key constituents common to Permian and Eagle Ford basin waters.

NanoNet Fe™ delivers continued performance, even under upset conditions such as unexpected spikes in H2S content, iodine, iron and oil slugs.

Carbonet NanoNet Fe

Small change – Big result.

NanoNet Fe is easily added to your process and provides and eliminates some of the steps your team currently uses. Increasing productivity and reducing costs.


No process change Safer Non Corrosive Stable floc


Easy to administer

NanoNet Fe™ is delivered as a complete solution on site and does not require specialized mixing equipment. The chemical is dosed via a standard chemical injection port. It can be “dropped in” a variety of industry standard water treatment processes and flow designs. NanoNet Fe™ is field-deployed in as little as 4 hours, and the payback starts on Day 1.


Safe to Handle

NanoNet Fe™ is safe to handle. At worst case, it can act as a skin irritant. This means that there are no special handling procedures, additional labor, transport, storage, or process changes for NanoNet Fe™ to be handled and safely administered.



NanoNet Fe™ is non-corrosive to flowlines, storage vessels, production tubing, etc. NanoNet Fe™ works on a simple principle of chelation of heavy metals, unlike oxidative biocides, which can be corrosive and create unwanted byproducts.


Cost Effective

NanoNet Fe™ is more cost-effective than a typical pre-treatment process involving oxidants, flocculants and coagulants. The product eliminates the need for flocculants and coagulants and offsets demand for biocides, all at a fraction of the cost of conventional approaches to clean brine solutions.


Easy Sludge Management

NanoNet™ Fe’s resulting floc is stable, light and easily removed via skimming. The resulting waste includes both the targeted constituents and all of the NanoNet™ water treatment solution. For further savings, the extracted floc can be easily dried for condensed transport and disposal as a solid waste into standard landfills.

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