Commercial Manager

Location – within 4 hours of the Permian Basin

We are looking for a Commercial Manager that can service our customers, find new customers, and provide an unparalleled customer experience. The Commercial Manager would be our first local sales leader and will be set up for success. We have many cases and prominent references already established to aid in our market expansion efforts. This is a role for growth-minded individuals that are looking to kick butt and change the world. CarboNet’s goal? Change the economics of water reuse so that the choice is always to put any water to good use.

CarboNet ™ is a well-capitalized water treatment company. We have a platform technology where our first market application addresses the economic and technical challenges associated with treating produced water for reuse. We are primarily focused on the Permian Basin. Our products: NanoNet Fe™ and NanoNet FeP™ serve as a safer and more economic complement or alternative to oxidants, flocculants, and coagulant chemistries. We are also releasing new products to address other aspects of the water treatment process such as storage and tank maintenance.

Our unique advantages?


Simple to integrate into any process

Non-toxic and non-corrosive

Safe to handle

Stable and consistent floc for easy sludge removal


The Role

The Commercial Manager will report to the Chief Commercial Officer. The role is a blend of business development and customer success – hands-on and in the field.

Required Credentials:

  • Background in successful account management and/or sales (meeting or exceeding quota)
  • Technically proficient in water treatment technologies (chemistry or related background)
  • Strong communication skills – presentation and written
  • An unbending commitment to CarboNet’s Policy #1—and a history to prove it.

The Work

  • Develop a growth strategy focused both on financial gain and customer satisfaction
  • Acquire new accounts and expand existing accounts 
  • Ensure a customer NPS of 50% or higher
  • Cross sell CarboNet™ products– with the focus being on increasing customer share of wallet
  • Act as the key liaison between the client & company to ensure flawless execution when addressing customer needs
  • Be an advocate and driver of the CarboNet P.R.O.U.D program and other initiatives designed to enhance the customer experience
  • Responsible for coordinating technical support
  • Manage internal resources necessary to support the business
  • Perform and adhere to essential duties in compliance within client & company safety policies
  • Plenty of room for upward mobility. Build the business and go.

Brass Tacks

  • Role will start on a contract basis, with the view to moving to full-time
  • Initial compensation will be weighted to a performance-based model with a suitable base
  • Ideally based in the Permian Basin (Midland or nearby)
  • Expect regular travel to key cities associated with the Permian Basin and other US basins
  • Expect travel to Company Headquarters – Vancouver, BC.

About our Culture

At CarboNet, we aim to be truly world class—in the customer experience we deliver, in the chemistry we provide, and in our team.  We only have one corporate policy, affectionately dubbed as Policy #1 = No A$$holes. 

Our operating principles are simple.  We are open, honest and direct. We are empowered and we are owners. We are frugal. We are apolitical. We kill complexity. Finally, we encourage our talented team to move with velocity: make decisions, be accountable and keep moving forward.

Please contact if this role is of interest. We will only notify candidates that are seriously being considered for the position.

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