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The Markets We Serve

The NanoNet platform is solving industry-specific water treatment challenges around the world. Exceptionally effective and proudly unconventional, NanoNet-enhanced flocculants improve system performance, lower disposal costs, and help shift industry reliance on freshwater to recycled water.

Oil & Gas

Water treatment and processed water are some of the biggest challenges faced by the oil & gas industry. With increasing emphasis on sustainability and stricter regulations being put in place, the NanoNet platform helps E&Ps and midstream companies navigate emerging concerns with recycling water. NanoNet specialty chemicals are used in more than a third of produced water recycle sites in the Permian Basin and treat more than 1.7M barrels of produced water daily.

Product Applications:

Pulp & Paper

SimpleFloc combines the simplest treatment option with best treatment economics, for reducing treatment costs and eliminating the need for a site makedown system. 

Product Applications:

  • Sludge dewatering

Food & Beverage

Plagued by ineffective solids removal and the resulting wastewater charges, wastewater treatment in food manufacturing struggles to achieve ROI on its chemical packages. Additionally, operator availability to monitor the wastewater system can be limited. NanoNet-powered SimpleFloc flocculants not only enable reductions in total suspended solids to significantly drop wastewater charges, it offers ease of use and performance consistency for an improved operator experience.

Product Applications:

Personal Care

Persistence of personal care wastewater beyond treatment systems can arise from its resistance to breakdown, causing potential adverse effects from prolonged presence in the environment. Industry KPIs can also be found to be out of spec, resulting in surcharges or fines on the waste stream. And washouts between products deliver inconsistent dosing, leading to coagulant (and thus flocculant) overdosing. The stability of simplicity of SimpleFloc not only eliminates operator variability and error, bypassing the needs for a makedown process, it combines with performance to mitigate safety and environmental hazards to streamline the overall process.

Product Applications:

  • Wastewater treatment

Industrial Process Water & Wastewater

In addition to treating industrial wastewater, the NanoNet platform can improve the performance of treatment plants by helping clarify process water. Safely meet discharge regulations, reduce waste sludge, and eliminate the need for supplemental infrastructure all at a lower cost. Optimize your approach to water treatment using fewer chemicals that make a bigger impact.

Product Applications:


The NanoNet platform has proven to deliver better results than traditional commodity water treatment chemicals for sulphate removal, lime softening, acid drainage, and mine flooding. Improve the efficiency of the dewatering process and manage discharge limits with reduced volumes of waste sludge with cost-friendly NanoNet water treatments.

Product Applications:

  • Scale reduction
  • Solution mining
  • Metals removal

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New CarboNet SimpleFloc™ is now available in Cationic formulations.