Distributors & Manufacturers

Differentiate your offering & deliver value

Deliver a differentiated customer experience as a CarboNet™ distribution or manufacturing partner.

Power your offering with CarboNet™

Built on the novel NanoNet™ platform that enhances the performance of water treatment chemicals and processes, CarboNet™ solutions offer the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. Unconventional to its core, the NanoNet™ suite of coagulants and flocculants and its efficient performance at removing contaminants from water are unlike any existing commodity chemicals

This unique class of chemistry accelerates the testing and development of new specialty chemicals to use across many market applications—arming you with a  comprehensive toolkit to meet the emerging needs of your customers.

Differentiated Technology

The proprietary NanoNet™ platform propels the rapid development of specialty chemical solutions—within months, not years.

Pricing Power & Profitability

Avoid the pricing battles of commodity chemicals, with products that offer a premium experience.

Unmatched Product Performance

See results with a smaller chemical footprint, allowing customers to focus on optimizing their systems and gaining cost efficiencies.

Local Manufacturing Mitigates Supplier Risk

Skillful planning and large manufacturing capacity by CarboNet™ optimizes raw supply chain, freight and logistics to meet ongoing customer demand.

Industry-Leading Customer Support

Our unrivaled field teams offer dedicated support, working as your partners through bench scale and field trials to ensure ongoing success.

Co-Labeling & Licensing Opportunities

Protect your accounts while standing out from your competitors. Offer specialty chemicals at commodity chemical prices while showcasing your brand.

Tap into the Groundbreaking NanoNet Platform

Looking for licensing IP to improve the consumption of raw materials for your manufacturing process?

Our Industries

Today, CarboNet™ collaborates with companies across the globe, helping lead industries from oil & gas to mining and agriculture to more effectively treat and recycle their water and to solve industry-specific problems.

Our Technology

Unconventional thinking led us to creating chemicals that are a quantum leap in both efficacy and safety over their industry-standard counterparts. By utilizing drug delivery polymers in a unique formulation, we designed a broad suite of products to target specific constituents in wastewater that are historically difficult and costly to remove.