CarboNet CTO, Co-founder Featured in H2O Global News

This quarter's H2O Global News Magazine featured CarboNet CTO & Co-Founder Michael Carlson.

This quarter’s H2O Global News Magazine issue was centred on water quality and the solutions we need. To facilitate this discussion and bring to light what is being done to help solve the water crisis, they spoke to various water experts including CarboNet’s CTO and Co-founder, Michael Carlson.

In his Expert Q&A, Mike spoke about the importance of collaboration between customers and service providers to work towards a recycling water economy and eventual circular water economy.

“It’s critical that those in the water industry collaborate, bring together different ideas, and build standards that highlight the biggest issues with water quality.”

This is exactly what CarboNet’s focus is.

As a specialty chemicals company, CarboNet works to create and deliver industrial water treatments that enable companies with the ability to recycle their contaminated water. Developed using the NanoNet chemical platform, CarboNet products are able to rapidly produce some of the strongest flocs in the industry that can then be removed from the water.

“It’s imperative that companies take greater responsibility for their water treatment processes using the recent developments and innovations in water treatment.”

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