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About Us

CarboNet™ Nanotechnologies is a company devoted to creating a world without contaminated water. To do this, we bring multiple fields of science together to challenge the status quo and provide better solutions to complex water problems. Drawing from biology, chemistry, engineering and physics, we target contaminants with precision so that water can be re-used, rather than disposed as toxic waste.

At CarboNet, the team works together to deliver our customers safer, cheaper, and environmentally friendly alternatives to their water treatment needs. Our team is our strength, and is on a constant mission to change the world and most importantly, enjoy the ride.

Located in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada, CarboNet™ offers an inspiring and fun workplace where people can learn from one another to foster innovation and creativity. If you want to apply your talent and skills to make an impact on our most important resource, and you thrive on the energy and challenges of a cool start-up… then CarboNet™ is the place for you!

CarboNet’s proprietary NanoNet™ platform effectively “nets” out challenging impurities—allowing you to maximize water recovery at minimal cost.

CarboNet’s Big Spring (TX) test facility demonstrates our treatment process on your own produced water samples, treating to your specs.

NanoNet Fe™ achieves major results in an elegantly simple mechanism.

Deployed in as little as 4 hours, and the payback starts on Day 1.

CarboNet™ specializes in treating produced and flowback water for reuse in future frac jobs—lowering the risks, costs and challenges of disposal.

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